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擁有傳統及歷史悠久的工業效率,最重要的是所有產品皆100%義大利製造。 Stefano Fazzini的妻子Maria Alberta Zibetti是公司創始人,激發了當代潮流家紡系列的造型與設計,再次感謝她在刺繡藝術領域的家庭背景。 公司的成長與擴張是企業組織與當地工業努力維持一致的結果。透過創新,多樣化與高品質的產品系列:Fazzini AW和SS,Bon Ton,Blow,Tinta Unita(Plain Dye)和La Tavola,增強品牌的可靠性,服務品質及有保證的認證生產。這是一個成功的公式,使Fazzini成為義大利紡織品製造市場的領先者,也越來越受到高端商店的重視。 公司現在擁有自己的概念店,並擁有50個牆面陳列,為700多名義大利客戶提供服務。 除了在充滿挑戰的義大利市場取得成功外,Fazzini還是出口的主要合作夥伴之一,提供有保證的品質和義大利風格與魅力的真實展現。
“Attention to detail, excellence and international reliability”
 Our company was founded in 1976, although all the families involved in this industrial adventure have lived and breathed textiles for generations, since the early 20th century. The company has built a network of outsourcers and service providers in the textile district of northern Milan, and is a landmark for quality, flexibility and efficiency. 
All this combines with a long tradition of industrial efficiency, and above all a product that’s 100% Italian-made. Maria Alberta Zibetti, the wife of the company’s founder Stefano Fazzini, inspired the styling and design of the contemporary, on-trend home textile collections, thanks once again to her family background in the fine art of embroidery.The company’s growth and expansion was a result of an ability to align the organisation of the business with the local industrial district. Reliability, response and service capabilities and guaranteed, certified production are all enhanced by the creative, diverse, high-quality collections: Fazzini AW and SS, Bon Ton, Blow, Tinta Unita (Plain Dye), and La Tavola. It’s a winning formula that has established Fazzini as a leading player on the Italian textile manufacturing market, and the firm is increasingly sought-after by high-end stores. The company now has its own concept store with 50 wall displays, serving more than 700 Italian customers. Alongside its successes on the challenging Italian market, Fazzini is also a prime partner for exports, offering guaranteed quality and the authentic embodiment of Italian style and charm.