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台灣 Roxette


Roxette是寶麒旗下於1980年所創立的自創品牌之一。 設計主軸以融合傳統歐風與現代時尚為主,以花卉、素色蕾絲打造素雅純樸的浪漫風貌,創造有別於歐洲宮廷的華麗風格。 Roxette 寢具素雅的浪漫調性在運用既純樸又典雅的柔和色調下,不時流露出溫馨而又不失現代感的品味家居。透過設計師精心設計的作品,消費者可輕易的將居家環境佈置得具有悠閒、愜意感,愉悅的享受寢室的溫暖,沈浸於舒適的環境下,進入美好的夢鄉。 典雅的家飾品呈現其出眾的質感是崇尚個人品味的居家佈置所不可或缺的。
Roxette , a self-created brand by Bauchi which established in 1980.
The design is centered on the creation of an simple but elegant and romantic style distinct from the European royal opulence, by fusing traditional European and contemporary fashion design. The products demonstrate the highest quality and value in the market. Through designers’ creativity, consumers can easily decorate their bedroom to leisurely, idyllic in a European country art style. It is a not-to-be-missed elegant ornament for home decoration. The unadorned, elegant hues allow the home to exude a mild, yet modernistic home living taste.