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一五六六年創業迄今已四四八年的西川生活株式會社,為了延續維護健康、睡眠、環境的企業傳統,強化過去的經營,開發更舒適的商品,並確立商品的「可追蹤性」。大阪西川始終不忘以積極的態度,秉持「誠實」「親切」「互惠」的心,不斷進行改良,提供顧客最佳的服務。 2004年四月,為了更上一層樓,正式將公司名稱「大阪西川株式會社」改為「西川生活株式會社」。 除了堅守先人建立的「西川品質」,還致力開發充滿時尚性的健康功能產品,以及具有新價值的商品,從「寢具」創造「睡眠」,從「睡眠」創造「健康」,提供更舒適的生活。
Nishikawa Living’s was founded in 1566. It has reached its 448th anniversary in the year of 2014. The philosophy of Nishikawa Living is to keep the tradition of developing products which can maintain good health, quality sleeping and the environment friendly.  The products are invented based on the experiences accrued over the past centuries.  Meanwhile, Nishikawa dedicate themselves on developing fashionable health products, and emphasize the value of “good sleep” out of bedding product, generating health from sleep, and thereby offering a comfortable life style.