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日本 mayu+ 三宅設計事務所

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mayu+ 由寶麒集團於2008年引進台灣,其前身為”im product”品牌代理期間為1994-2007年,因應日本三宅設計事務所藍海策略,im product 正式走入歷史,mayu+於2008年取而代之。『mayu+』的由來,ma所代表的是個人及自我表現,yu有與眾人交流之意,而+則代表商品的優秀品質與獨特價值。在日文中mayu+為蠶繭的意思,其中蘊含著蠶繭柔和的形狀、溫暖的觸感、猶如媽媽孕育新生命般的柔和呵護。mayu+的設計概念主要是來自西式點心千層派。各種柔軟輕薄的mayu+商品,皆可像千層派般,配合季節交替使用。
【mayu+】mayu+ was introduced by Bauchi in 2008, its former brand name is “im product” (abbr. for Issey Miyake) The distributorship of “im product” was carried from 1994 to 2007.   Because of the Blue Ocean strategy of the Miyake Design Studio Japan, “im product” has gone into the history and was replaced with the new brand - mayu+ in April 2008 to cater to the needs of the new consumer group. “mayu+” originated from following meaning :  ”ma”represent individuals and self-expression.  yu”means to interact with people.  The symbol “+” represents the value beyond and its premium quality.  mayu+ carries the meaning of silk cocoon in Japanese, which highlights the characteristic of its design inspired by the soft shape, warmth, discreetness and protection of the silkworm cocoon. The design concept of mayu+ came from “Mille-Feuille”, which illustrates  all of the soft, ultra-light- weighted items can be easily mixed and used in various circumstances to satisfy different requirements from season changes. The designer of mayu+ is renowned as a fabrics expert in Japan.
Her unique design style, and skilful in combing the property of natural fibers with special weaving methods has created the Japanese simplicity living style that especially for mayu+.  Through the continuous developing on series of organic bedding sets, mayu+ is on the path towards Green products.